Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poop Doggy Dog

What on earth was Hockey Night in Canada thinking when they had Calvin Broadus on between periods in the second game of the Stanley Cup finals from Anaheim California???

This self-admitted thug should be in jail, not appearing during an intermission on a hockey telecast.

Is the CBC that insecure that they hope ANY American trashy celebrity (even a criminal poophead like Broadus) would acknowledge their existence that they have to have a drug gang rapper appear on their telecast? And do the little twerps involved in Hockey Night in Canada have such incredibly poor judgement they would exalt promote and lend legitimacy to such a disgusting role model?


These CBC geniuses should be sent to live at Jane and Finch to see what Broadus and his ilk have wrought. Better yet, force them to telecast part of the Jordan Manners funeral on the next Ducks-Senators game and discuss drug gangs, gun crime and gangsta rap's victims.

Phoney War

The current dispute between Veteran's Affairs and the family of a fallen Canadian soldier over his $25,000 funeral (!) begs the question "Why can't the taxpayers, through their duly elected government, establish reasonable limits on the amount they will reimburse the survivors of a fallen Canadian hero?"

The current reimbursement is roughly $6,000 and this seems quite adequate.

$25,000? Sorry to say it but this is not only extravagant it is several times what we should be prepared to cover. And the CBC, Denis Coderre or anyone else who suggests otherwise is plainly put, a disgusting vulture. The family is rightly grief stricken and wished to honour their son with a large expensive sendoff. That's laudable.

But to expect the taxpayers to pay $25,000? Nope. No. Non.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Help starve a feeding bureaucrat...or a celebrity environmentalist on the public payroll. (As if there's only one hahaha...)

Regarding all the crazy cries from the Raging Grannies of both sexes concerning gasoline prices - and how terrific it would be if they were two or even three times higher - can we talk?

What was the price of gas ten years ago? And what percentage of the price was taxes? And how much gasoline was consumed? I see.

What is the price of gasoline today, what percentage is taxes and how much is being consumed? I see.

And what pray tell are the projections for taxes and per barrel price and retail price for say a year, two years from now? And what is the projected consumption? I see.

People, do you ever get the impression a bunch of really really stupid monkeys took over the media, the academy, the political arena and are in the process of driving the bus off the cliff?

Morons all. Taxes only kill the vanishing middle class and (growing) poor and salve the consciences of guilty liberal-socialists 'playing' at environmentalism and other pet topics.

Cut taxes. Taxes are killing us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Suzuki compared to Grampa Simpson

Well he's senile surely? Out of control. Completely out of control. Beyond intolerant. Whacko. Perhaps the scraggle on his chin is there for absorbency, to mop up some of the spittle when he launches into one of his "Christ" routines, thowing thunderbolts from his heaven towards mere mortals.

"Okay, first of all, let's forget about all the economists" he ranted this very week then began quoting his hero Nick Stern the economist. If it ever *was* about the environment, pollution, saving the planet, it long ago ceased being about anything other than him shouting louder than anyone else, keeping the spotlight on himself (and only himself, Gore and Stern) and the terrible God complex he has honed to an olfactory art.

I say the first signs have been there for many years but now he is REALLY slipping into dementia. This is not extremism or intolerance, it's pure senility. There, now it's out in the open. David Suzuki has lost it completely.

He's his own worst enemy. Looney tunes.