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Glow Bull Warming Ottawa Style

"A picture is worth a thousand words." I can make my point this way and it is much less profane too.

Fingering the obvious and odious culprits

Friday, December 28, 2007

Might to make it right

The surge worked. John McCain (and others) were right to have suggested strongly that the size of the force in Iraq (and Afghanistan) was insufficient to accomplish the objective of damaging Al Qaida and killing or capturing as many of its leaders as possible.

If the murder of Benazir Bhutto teaches the weak kneed anything it is this: negotiation is death and defeat. Only a vicious ruthless long term war against Islamofascists will protect us from their nightmare scenario(s) of death torture and slavery. It's long past the time to get serious.

The US and India and Great Britain as well as NATO should begin by securing the Pakistani nuclear weapons immediately. Do whatever it takes.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Muggers, Buggers and Thieves

The Big Four, aka Circle of Idiocy:

Ottawa Hydro (Hydro Ontario), Bell, Rogers and Enbridge.

I moved this year and the Third World bureaucracy, incompetence and outright dishonesty from these four outfits makes me sick to my stomach. Do not trust them. Do not patronize them. Do not have anything to do with any of them if you can help it. Read your bills, skip the moron at the call centre, go straight to a 'stupervisor', always practise extreme vigilance and take no prisoners.

Utter incompetence and blithering stupidity, top to bottom. Greedy incomptent nincompoops. The bigger the company, the poorer the "service." Three strikes you're out, you morons. Get lost.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007

Canadians should brace for coldest winter in almost 15 years: forecast

(Canadian Press)
TORONTO - Environment Canada says it appears the country will have to endure its coldest winter in almost 15 years as everyone is reminded what a real Canadian winter feels like.

Senior climatologist David Phillips says Canada has had a number of warmer than normal winters in recent years, but this December through February is forecast to be one of the harshest in recent memory.

With the exception of a small pocket in southern Ontario, the entire country is coloured blue for colder than normal on Environment Canada's weather map.

Precipitation forecasts are less reliable, but Phillips says the colder winter will likely result in a lot of white Christmas' across the country.

Last year, a number of traditionally cold and snow-covered cities like Quebec City, Ottawa and Timmins, Ont., had their first green Christmas in decades.

Phillips says a cold winter with lots of snow is good for the economy, and will likely push people into doing their Christmas shopping and booking holidays to escape the cold.

"I always think it's good for the economy when weather is behaving like it should, when winters are cold and summers are hot," he said.

"With the Canadian dollar the way it is and with this colder than normal weather, it very well may be that the busiest people in the country are travel agents."

Phillips says the forecast for cold weather is being triggered by La Nina, a period of lower than normal temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

Ah, yet more Global Warming! The IPCC, NDP, Davids Suzuki, Phillips et al should be made to march through downtown Winnipeg in their Birkenstocks and loin cloths until they recant, repent and relent. Complete idiocy. - McL

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The Wizard of Oz

At the U2 concert in Sydney, lead singer Bono asks the audience for some quiet. Then in the silence, he starts to slowly clap his hands. Holding the audience in total silence, he says into the microphone, "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies." An Aussie voice from near the front pierces the silence, "Well, stop f*ing clapping, ya dick'ead."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tiresome Ian Tambyn

Where does Ian Tamblyn work? Where does his income or money come from? Is it inherited wealth? Is that why he is such a ditzy Marxist debutante? Has he worked one day in his life? Penthouse socialist finger wagging is tiresome Ian, shaddup. Grow up!

This message brought to you by somebody who is sick of your sanctimonious socialist sermonizing. Ram it.

English Quebec: Is there one left?

Terry Di Monte, CHOM-FM DJ and Montreal pop broadcaster for decades did his last show yesterday and ran away to Calgary like 700,000 other English Quebeckers have since 1976.

All the English left. They'd rather switch than fight.

And I bet every last one of them still votes Liberal and still adheres to the Trudeau myth of a fictitious place called Canada.

"Just watch me....move."

(Bitter laughter)

Temps dropping since 1998

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"Global" Warming

34 C in North Bay, 24 C in Havana LOL

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poop Doggy Dog

What on earth was Hockey Night in Canada thinking when they had Calvin Broadus on between periods in the second game of the Stanley Cup finals from Anaheim California???

This self-admitted thug should be in jail, not appearing during an intermission on a hockey telecast.

Is the CBC that insecure that they hope ANY American trashy celebrity (even a criminal poophead like Broadus) would acknowledge their existence that they have to have a drug gang rapper appear on their telecast? And do the little twerps involved in Hockey Night in Canada have such incredibly poor judgement they would exalt promote and lend legitimacy to such a disgusting role model?


These CBC geniuses should be sent to live at Jane and Finch to see what Broadus and his ilk have wrought. Better yet, force them to telecast part of the Jordan Manners funeral on the next Ducks-Senators game and discuss drug gangs, gun crime and gangsta rap's victims.

Phoney War

The current dispute between Veteran's Affairs and the family of a fallen Canadian soldier over his $25,000 funeral (!) begs the question "Why can't the taxpayers, through their duly elected government, establish reasonable limits on the amount they will reimburse the survivors of a fallen Canadian hero?"

The current reimbursement is roughly $6,000 and this seems quite adequate.

$25,000? Sorry to say it but this is not only extravagant it is several times what we should be prepared to cover. And the CBC, Denis Coderre or anyone else who suggests otherwise is plainly put, a disgusting vulture. The family is rightly grief stricken and wished to honour their son with a large expensive sendoff. That's laudable.

But to expect the taxpayers to pay $25,000? Nope. No. Non.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Help starve a feeding bureaucrat...or a celebrity environmentalist on the public payroll. (As if there's only one hahaha...)

Regarding all the crazy cries from the Raging Grannies of both sexes concerning gasoline prices - and how terrific it would be if they were two or even three times higher - can we talk?

What was the price of gas ten years ago? And what percentage of the price was taxes? And how much gasoline was consumed? I see.

What is the price of gasoline today, what percentage is taxes and how much is being consumed? I see.

And what pray tell are the projections for taxes and per barrel price and retail price for say a year, two years from now? And what is the projected consumption? I see.

People, do you ever get the impression a bunch of really really stupid monkeys took over the media, the academy, the political arena and are in the process of driving the bus off the cliff?

Morons all. Taxes only kill the vanishing middle class and (growing) poor and salve the consciences of guilty liberal-socialists 'playing' at environmentalism and other pet topics.

Cut taxes. Taxes are killing us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Suzuki compared to Grampa Simpson

Well he's senile surely? Out of control. Completely out of control. Beyond intolerant. Whacko. Perhaps the scraggle on his chin is there for absorbency, to mop up some of the spittle when he launches into one of his "Christ" routines, thowing thunderbolts from his heaven towards mere mortals.

"Okay, first of all, let's forget about all the economists" he ranted this very week then began quoting his hero Nick Stern the economist. If it ever *was* about the environment, pollution, saving the planet, it long ago ceased being about anything other than him shouting louder than anyone else, keeping the spotlight on himself (and only himself, Gore and Stern) and the terrible God complex he has honed to an olfactory art.

I say the first signs have been there for many years but now he is REALLY slipping into dementia. This is not extremism or intolerance, it's pure senility. There, now it's out in the open. David Suzuki has lost it completely.

He's his own worst enemy. Looney tunes.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Earth Day

Globe's Doyle: wrong again

Effete, sniffing, pooh-pooh-ing, pontificating, anti-American, the Globe and Mail's John Doyle has again chiseled the tablets but this time he has - gasp - found our own Mother Corp wanting. Who'd a thunk it???

Doyle, who too often spends time in his column (and on television) acting like a 1960's draft dodger university professor, objects to the CBC's entirely justifiable even laudable decision not to air the obscene and insane video droolings of the Virginia tech mass murderer.

I don't object to them being studied in a univeristy psych class, perhaps even on a specialty program on TVO, the Discovery channel, PBS or similar, maybe even on the Insanity Channel (hey it's coming, they've got everything else) but after the orgy of coverage, enough was enough. Kudos to the CBC. Would Doyle have said the same thing if it was video from Gamil Gharbi, the coward who was responsible for the Ecole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal those years ago? Why does the CBC (or anyone) have to air this shi* at all let alone give a podium to the criminally insane?

I'm not in favour of censorship, of erasing the thing but as I wrote about the Pickton trial and similar (the salacious details of the Bernardo-Homolka and Olson trials and subsequent revelations), when is enough enough??? When will our respective societies protect the victims and their families?

I don't expect any intelligent suggestions any time soon from Doyle or those of his ilk.

Moderately Amusing

"Note that you can’t blow the whistle on someone who is simply an asshole. If that were true, David Suzuki would have been sent to the clink in the 80’s."

Friday, April 20, 2007

Suzuki calls for doubling in price of gas

In what is surely his 'finest' moment as the goofy crown prince of penthouse socialism "Laurie David Suzuki" today called for a rise in gasoline taxes to raise the price to double what it is today. Or more.

Sure, that's the solution to everything. Tax. Tax. Tax. Somebody making $20,000 or $30,000 a year? Double the price of gas. The lunchbox guy or gal who lives outside of the downtown core? Forget em! They should live downtown. What's wrong with them, can't they afford a $900,000 condo at Yonge and Bloor? Or a mansion on Kitsilano Beach like one of my palatial residences? (He's got more than one.) Warm up the Lear Jet captain, we're flying to Ottawa for a photo op. Again. Whaddya mean, it's been almost a week!

I don't believe the latest year from hell has been a conspiracy by Marxists like Suzuki (who knows as much about climatology as the Ayatollahs do about Henny Youngman and the Catskills). I just believe it is a deliberately concocted hysteria, a curious acceleration and coincidental whipping-up and cashing-in on the IPCC-Kyoto con job. The left cannot get elected but if they do their Chicken Little "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" routine long enough it will work on enough people and they will be able to see some of their most awful policies become law due to the hysteria and confusion they have created along with their henchmen and fellow-travellers in the media.

No conspiracy BUT: If there was ever proof that "the lunatics are in charge of the asylum" it surely is evident for all to see when a miscreant Marxist hypocrite like Suzuki not only has a national podium any time he wants it but that virtually the entire liberal-left media (ain't that redundant) is not only cheerleading him on but fawning over his every sermon from the mount.

Doubling the price of gas. And this genius simultaneously says that Kyoto will bring the greatest economic boom we've ever seen.

Boom is right. Ka-boom. (Followed by the rustling sound of thirty-five million Canadians turning their back on this nutty professor.) Gas up the bus, gas up the Lear Jet. Somebody else is paying, there's a photo-op in Ottawa.

What a joke.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Pinko's Prayer

Al Gore is my shepherd
He is only aware of what he wants
He makes me lie down on park benches outside his mansion
He leads me beside the polluted water of his strip mine
He restores my doubt in brain dead politicians
He leads me in the path of Kyoto for his legacy's sake
His lies make children sleepless
Though I walk in my dark house his 4 are lit like Vegas
Surely his lust for power will follow me all the days of my life
And I will see votes held to the light on thanksgiving forever



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Suprise! Iran mistreated hostages

In a statement that suprised no one the freed British hostages told the world today that Iran had mistreated them, full story at

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Iran Caves

So the mad mullahs and apocalyptic Ahmadinejad blinked first and served up an Easter egg. Only this cuckoo's nest collection could stage such a charade again (the last one was 2004).

The news was slightly sullied by more "Stockholm Syndrome" quotes from the hostages, but their ordeal, at least the one in Shi'ite Islamofascist Anti Semitic Iran, is over with.

Curious to see the Iranians blink, particularly after former "President K" resurfaced a couple of days ago as the voice of moderation and conciliation (at least compared to the current rogues). Does this mean a loss of face for Ahmadinejad and a growing voice for moderate mullahs and the more liberal young, middle class and students???

Iran's hope is with its youth, their sheer numbers alone will eventually triumph. But will their victory be in a garden or an ash heap? Time for them to step up and claim their country back before the zealots bring a pre-emptive strike and set the country back decades or worse.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Quote of the year

"Is there a reason for George Strombolopoulos?"
- Jack Todd, Montreal Gazette

Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Late Night" Jokes About Al Gore

"Al Gore spoke on Capitol Hill today to urge lawmakers to do more to fight global warming. He said we're facing a planetary emergency. And you can tell he's serious when he talks about the world ending because he appears to be eating everything in sight." --Jimmy Kimmel

"Congratulations to Al Gore. His movie won an Oscar. Today it got reversed by the Supreme Court. ... Al Gore announced last night that for the first time, the Academy Awards had a green theme. Which is not really true. It's always had a green theme -- money and envy." --Jay Leno

"The big winner of the night was global warming. Everyone jumped on the hybrid bandwagon. But if you ask me, any lowering of emissions they achieved with the limos was canceled out by the amount of smoke they blew up Al Gore's ass." --Stephen Colbert

"If any of you at home are wondering about the former vice president's seeming largess, I will have you know, he has not gained weight.He is so passionate about saving this Earth, he is trying not to exhale. ... Here's an inconvenient truth: cake isn't a food group" --Jon Stewart

"You all ready for the Oscars? ... Al Gore is expected to win for his documentary on global warming. I hope he ... includes President Bush in the acceptance speech. I mean, without President Bush, we probably wouldn't have a lot of this global warming." --Jay Leno

"In an ironic twist, while making a speech on global warming, Al Gore froze to death." --Amy Poehler

"Time Magazine has named everyone their 'Person of the Year.' And somehow, Al Gore still came in second." --Jay Leno

"A lot of people said Al Gore was the best vice president the country ever had. Not to take anything away from Al, but look at the competition. He replaced a guy who couldn't spell 'potato' and was followed by a guy who shot someone in the face." --Jay Leno

"Al Gore is on the show tonight. This just shows you how quickly things can change. I mean, Arnold Schwarzenegger spends his days talking about his political agenda. Al Gore is out promoting his new movie. Who would have seen that coming?" --Jay Leno

"Has anybody seen the Al Gore movie about global warming and the environment? Well, the Bush administration has seen it and they are very annoyed about the whole thing. As a matter of fact, earlier today, Dick Cheney shot a projectionist. ... One very dramatic scene in the Al Gore global warming movie is when a glacier melts and they find more Al Gore ballots from the election." --David Letterman

"President Bush told reporters he won't see Al Gore's documentary about the threat of global warming. He will not see it. On the other hand, Dick Cheney said he's seen the global warming film five times, and it still cracks him up." --Conan O'Brien

"Arnold Schwarzenegger is blaming man for global warming. And today, Al Gore agreed with him. That's so typical. Two cyborgs, 'Oh, let's blame the humans.'" --Jay Leno

"The Capitol was evacuated after the electrical power went out. People said it was the quickest loss of power in Washington since Al Gore." --Jay Leno

"According to Time magazine, global warming is 33% worse than we thought. You know what that means? Al Gore is one-third more annoying than we thought." --Jay Leno

"In front of a crowd in Florida this past weekend, Al Gore said that, "The people of the United States are going to stand up and take our country back." And then the manager of the karaoke bar took the microphone away and said, "Either sing or sit down buddy." --Jay Leno

"Al Gore announced he is finishing up a new book about global warming and the environment. Yeah, the first chapter talks about how you shouldn't chop down trees to make a book that no one will read." --Conan O'Brien

"At a press conference yesterday NASA announced that 2005 was the hottest year on record. It is so hot, and global warming is so bad, if the presidential election were held today, Al Gore would…still lose." --Jay Leno

"Former Vice President Al Gore gave a passionate 10 minute speech where he criticized President Bush for, quote, repeatedly breaking the law. Those who heard the speech called it the worst elevator ride ever." --Conan O'Brien

"Al Gore yesterday gave a speech an accused President Bush of repeatedly breaking the law. Al Gore issued the statement into a microphone at Taco Bell." --David Letterman

"Al Gore said over the weekend that global warming is more serious than terrorism. Unless the terrorist is on your plane, then that extra half a degree doesn't bother you so much." --Jay Leno

"They say Saddam is delusional. He still thinks he's president and gives speeches standing next to his bed at night. No, wait, that's Al Gore." --Jay Leno

"Al Gore was speaking at a pep rally in Central Park. Because when you think pep, you think Al Gore. I have to be careful about this, because Al Gore is, uh, not a dynamic speaker. Halfway through his speech, squirrels were climbing on him." --David Letterman

"Al Gore gave a fiery speech today claiming that American democracy was in grave danger ... and then his wife said 'Al, just pay the pizza guy and let's eat.'" --Jay Leno

"Al Gore gave a speech this week criticizing the Bush administration, really attacked him. And then Gore took questions from some of the other people waiting in line at Starbucks." --Jay Leno

"According to the Washington Post, 5 out of the top 8 FEMA officials got their jobs with no experience handling disasters, and many got their jobs just cause they worked on the Bush campaign. See this is wrong. If you want people experienced in handling disasters, get people who worked on the Gore campaign." --Jay Leno

"Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said the Iranian election was invalid and the winner was no friend to democracy. To which Al Gore said, 'Hey, tell me about it.'" --Jay Leno

"They're getting closer and closer to the trial for Saddam Hussein and, according to his prison guards hanging around Saddam Hussein, say he's hooked on Cheetos and Doritos. ... Kind of a strange picture, sitting around in his underwear eating Doritos, dreaming of the day he can return to power -- oh wait that's Al Gore." --David Letterman

"Al Gore announced that he's creating an independent cable TV network called Current that will be aimed at 18 to 34 year olds and focus on technology, culture, fashion, television, music, politics, parenting and the environment. Oh My God even his cable channel won't shut up." --Tina Fey

"Howard Dean dropped out. Let's face it, Dean never recovered from that unforgettable disaster in the beginning: Al Gore's endorsement." —Craig Kilborn

"Yesterday the Secret Service caught a former IRS employee outside the White House after he fired three shots from a gun. That is right, the man was immediately arrested and given a job at the post office. ... The Secret Service said that the last weirdo who came that close to the White House before being stopped was Al Gore." —Conan O'Brien

"Today, on the coldest day in over 50 years, Al Gore gave a speech attacking President Bush on global warming. Good timing Al. ... First he grew a beard right before the terrorist attacks — that was smart. Now he is talking about global warming in the middle of winter. What's next — cutting the ribbon at the Michael Jackson Daycare Center?" —Jay Leno

Friday, March 23, 2007

Gazette groupies gird loins for Suzuki worship

In their continuing and infuriating limousine liberal fashion, the Gazette (a crown jewel in the empire consisting of; Newspapers: National Post, Victoria Times Colonist, The Province (Vancouver), Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Regina Leader-Post, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Windsor Star, Ottawa Citizen, The Gazette, DOSE, Vancouver Island Newspapers, VANNET Newspapers, Global TV, CHCH TV Hamilton, TVTropolis, CoolTV, DejaView, Fox Sports World Canada, LONESTAR, Men TV, Mystery TV, X-TREME Sports TV, CoolFM 99.1, 91.5 The BEAT,,, connecting, celebrating, remembering, renting, shop and CanWest Countries: Australia, New Zealand & Ireland), in what surely must be the most shining example of media diversity and impartiality staged another editorial board love-in with the jet-setting "Laurie David" Suzuki, the "Charles Mansion" king of dirty diesel egomania. Oh for another newspaper in Montreal...somebody summon the ghost of the Star. Or the Sunday Express. Anything. Jim Vani? Bob Amesse? Can you hear me?

The Gazette reported - with a straight face - that the Suze-meister had cris-crossed back east in his 54 passenger (with 8 occupants) Prevost bus, the same model George "Dubya" used in his campaign against John Kerry.

I ask you dear readers, who's more ridiculous, the liberal media and their slavish worship of this unqualified celebrity hypocrite or Suzuki himself and his own arrogant carte blanche "pollution then forgiveness", buying "carbon credits" after each dirty outing (so to speak) with donated money from the naive?

Neither Kubrick nor Python could do as well in staging such a farce. Place a call to Peter Sellers, we'll get him a scraggy glue-on goatee and some granny glasses, he's playing the lead. "Peter, you can use Eric Idle's sandals from the Life of Brian."

Crazy thought: I guess media concentration and mega-mergers are not so bad if they are by people and corporations that spread palm fronds at the feet of the sandal-ed prophet of the moment eh?

Stop the insanity. Stop it now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What would the Iron Lady say?

I bet she would have a lot to say judging by her recent triumphal public appearance. Her therapy since her stroke has obviously worked wonders.

In any case, here is an amusing link to a BBC story on a certain "wet" Tory:

("Conservative leader David Cameron has been attacked over his green agenda because he cycles to work - but then has his car follow with his briefcase.")

It seems everyone everywhere is getting in on the hysteria and hypocrisy.

Enough I say. Enough already. Everybody do their Peter Finch 'Howard Beale' best out the window, one two three...."I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!"

You'll feel much better.


Good on the one media outlet for spotting the phony G8 (plus some Third World countries') enviro- and finance minister types for arriving in buses to give the appearance of austerity and ecological sensitivity but departing in the usual limousines. (Sniff)..."But we had a Lear Jet to catch and the sushi and champagne were getting warm!

They must have been watching the Goracle and "Laurie David Suzuki." Less offensive than their high and mighty 'sermon from the mount' hot air but did the apparatchiki really think they could get away with such a stupid and transparent con job???

I guess they did though, the sleeping public and the media who didn't notice saw to that. (Or didn't see to it.) Or did the media deliberately look the other way in their IPCC cheerleader partisan fashion?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Whither the Pickton trial?

Isn't it funny (as in strange) how the media moved on, I really thought they would flog it longer...but there's been Anna Nicole's death and so much more since then....

It seems as if my concerns about my revulsion, their sensationalism and our being bludgeoned to death daily with the vile disgusting details was premature. I'm sure it will pick up again at some point but that's the media's ADD and 'rat pack' behaviour. "Monkey see, monkey do." There is little or no independent thought or action in the media. The increasing concentration of ownership (which would not be permitted in other democracies) only cheats us of the balance and independent thought we deserve.

There are many pontificating ideologues posing as 'mainstream' reporters yes but the cliquey clannish 'herd'-like patterns, well, if the initial hysteria over the shocking details of the Pickton mass murder trial was not a typical example then sudden fading of interest surely is.

Now, let's see them drop last year's joke Al Gore and move on to something or someone else. Enough is enough.

Globe Al Warming

Damn Global Warming!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


When "Global Warming" isn't

The Global Warming that is "destroying" the planet came within one measly day of setting an all time record for the longest outdoor skating season in history on Ottawa's scenic Rideau Canal.

The record cold snap January-date (March 11) has meant the treasured canal has been open for 45 days straight without interruption, coming within ONE day of the previous and still standing all time record. That record was set a long time ago, before "Global Warming". In 2004.

And this after "Laurie David" Suzuki made terrible pronunciations about losing outdoor skating, outdoor hockey rinks and Canadian indentity.

Suzuki lives in a mansion on Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver and has another mansion somewhere in BC, possibly on Saltspring Island.

Hours after his dire warnings of the end of the Canadian hockey loving way of life the Toronto Maple Leafs practised outside in T.O. in frigid temperatures to the delight of school aged fans. The Leafs looked terribly uncomfortable in their balaclavas beneath their helmets but that's what you've got to do to stay safe from frostbite when it's -20C or worse.

To compound the insanity Suzuki then came to Ottawa (one of several winter visits by jet airplane or by his huge 54 seat Prevost dirty diesel bus) for an OUTDOOR hockey game featuring Edmonton Oilers alumni, only to be seen trembling by an open fire, trying to keep himself warm with Gord downer of the Practically Hip.

End of our way of life eh?

The two longest and most successful canal seasons? 2007 and 2004. Sounds like a trend to me. A "hockey stick climate change" perhaps?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Climate Change: science speaks out

The Weather Network's judgement

Am I the only one who objects to the politicization of the Weather Network? Their jumping into bed with the celebrity climate change "expert" David Suzuki is offensive to me. The strange combination of adolescent 'fawning' over the profane prophet of pollution as well as the saturation of their airwaves (okay, I know they're cable-only - and more on that momentarily) by him combines fawning with filler.

But now something equally serious has reared its head: online I have notice three "blind" ads for Scientology. Is this appropriate or responsible? Would the CBC, CTV, Global, Rogers, Shaw or any other broadcaster sell advertising space on their website to such a group, let alone "blind" advertising/recruitment spots? I don't think so.

So when the Weather Network began their pleas on television this week that their viewers should launch a defence of the network against cable companies deleting it or at least changing TWN's status from 'free' (automatically included in the basic cable packages du jour) to in some cases a specialized 'pay' package only, their request fell on deaf ears in my case.

First throwing their lot in with the controversial, authoritarian, hypocritical and frequently insufferable Suzuki and now selling advertising space to Scientology (and 'blind' ads at that), well, that's just
about enough thank you.

I will not be making any intercessions on their behalf with the CRTC or the cable companies, those two giant mis-steps have alienated me.

It's not as if no one would step in to take their place or you couldn't look online, check another so-called 'regular' broadcaster for their forecast(s). And you'd probably never see any Scientology recruiting - or Suzuki recruiting for that matter.

Yes Canadians need something like TWN. And they will get it. Preferably without the politics or the sneaky ads about "psychiatry killing people." Shades of Tom Cruise's outburst. Celebrity big mouths don't thrill me, whether it's as global warming "experts" or as spokespeople/front men for...let's say "other controversial groups."

Enough already.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ottawa Sun article on Suzuki March 7

"Suzuki: Mean and not so green"


Many years ago -- about 20 -- I was a green reporter (in every sense of the word) and was assigned to cover an event for my Vancouver newspaper in the Stein Valley of B.C.'s coast mountains.

The gala in that pristine alpine meadow included performances by the likes of Long John Baldry and John Denver.

Besides the incredible view, my most vivid memories were that Denver was kind and accessible, Baldry was as zany as you would expect; and David Suzuki was surprisingly rude.

I approached Suzuki to get a quick quote about the importance of saving this wilderness from logging.

He was curt. "Not now," he said. Silly me, but I took that to mean later. So, a little later and a lot more sheepishly, I approached the renowned environmentalist again and again he snapped, "not now." Shortly before I was slated to get back on the helicopter and head back to civilization to file my stories, I approached Suzuki one last time. This time he was clearer. "F--- off," he snapped.

In my column last week in which I pointed out the hypocrisy of Suzuki choosing luxury and comfort over the environment by using a "rock-star style bus" in a cross-country tour, I received hundreds of e-mails -- most agreeing with me but many others echoed their eco hero with the same expletive!

I was also accused of being an "earth hater," "bad mother," and "mouth-piece for big oil" simply for pointing out Suzuki and Al Gore don't walk their talk.

In an effort to save time and emissions by being able to turn off my computer sooner, here's my response to those e-mail writing critics.

Firstly, not believing in the unproven hypothesis that humans are the cause of warming doesn't mean I don't care about the Earth.

I love this planet, always will, but unlike Suzuki and Gore, I don't believe humans are the drivers of climate change and I have interviewed many climate scientists whose peer-reviewed reports back that up.

What's more, I am 99% certain that I have a smaller carbon footprint than Suzuki. My only home is much smaller than his beach-front mansion in Vancouver. I know that because as a teen and young adult, my friends and I used to party on said beach and sometimes saw Suzuki wander about in his yard.

During an editorial board meeting here in Calgary several years ago, I mentioned to Suzuki I used to see him at his huge home and he asked "which house?" He's got more than one!


Like him, I pay a little bit extra for power generated by renewable energy -- in my case, wind power.

I have relatively new energy efficient appliances and use compact fluorescent bulbs. I recycle virtually everything that comes into my home and have done so long before recycling was a "program." Here in Calgary, where there is still no curbside collection, we drive our recyclables to a nearby depot weekly.

My family composts year round, always has and donates money to wilderness preservation.

As for Suzuki, after arriving in Victoria following his 30-day tour on the diesel-spewing bus too big for his needs, he flew to Ottawa for a press conference.

In these days of live satellite digital communication, is that really necessary or environmentally sound?

I tried to find out from his foundation whether he flew commercial or on a private jet. My repeated calls over two days have not been returned. In their own more polite way, Suzuki's loyal staff were telling me to f- off!

That's okay. But they should know when it comes to our love of the environment, we're not that different. I just have better manners.

Monday, March 5, 2007

"Gore Effect" added to the Urban Dictionary

This wickedly yuck-a-licious tidbit just out:

"Gore Effect" added to the Urban Dictionary

The well documented phenomenon that leads to very low, unseasonal temperatures, driving rain, hail, snow or all of the above whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global "warming". Hence the "Gore Effect."

- Australia, November 2006: Al Gore is visiting two weeks before summer begins. The Gore Effect strikes: "Ski resort operators gazed at the snow in amazement. Parents took children out of school and headed for the mountains. Cricketers scurried amid bullets of hail as Melburnians traded lunchtime tales of the incredible cold." (The Age)

- New York, March 2004: "Gore chose January 15, 2004, one of the coldest days in New York City's history, to rail against the Bush administration and global warming skeptics... Global warming, Gore told a startled audience, is causing record cold temperatures." (NY Environment News)

Hey, West LA and Malibu even had their own tribute to Al Gore's Oscar: The last snowfall recorded at Los Angeles International Airport was in January 1962, according to the National Weather Service. It happened this again this February. BRRR!

Country singer Kathy Mattea - one of Al Gore’s climate cultists - recently delivered the Goracle's message to a Utah crowdlet:

Mattea, yet another "celebrity expert" enlisted by Gore to give presentations like the one featured in his documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” spoke to a crowd (sic) of several dozen people at the Orem City Council chambers, asking them to take action against global warming.

A few days on, Utah suffered massive Gore Effect:

A man died in Washington County, homeless people were turned away from a packed shelter in St. George and records fell across the state Sunday as an arctic cold front settled over Utah.

In all, 16 record-low minimum and 16 record-low maximum temperatures were set or met in Utah.

(Laurie David Suzuki had the same effect on our February in Canada with his Dirty Diesel Bus Tour btw, coast to coast record or near-record lows!)

February cold: breaking records worldwide

Excuse me while I get out my mink-lined thong...

So after what has been in some cases a record-breaking February here are the facts: a city in Siberia set a new all-time low temperature of -56C. South Carolina had the coldest February on record. California had one of the coldest Feb's ever. Here in Ottawa Canada, the second coldest capital city in the world already (only "wursted" by Ulan Bator of Mongolia) we had one of the six coldest Februaries on record. The temperature in the southern Atlantic has dropped over two degrees, making last year one of the 'lightest' ever for violent storms. And the northern Indian resort town of Shimla had the coldest February on record and the most snow since 1908!

Serve these plums to Chicken Littles everywhere:

A new report on climate over the world's southernmost continent shows that temperatures during the late 20th century did not climb as had been predicted by many global climate models.

This comes soon after the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that strongly supports the conclusion that the Earth's climate as a whole is warming, largely due to human activity.

It also follows a similar finding from last summer by the same research group that showed no increase in precipitation over Antarctica in the last 50 years. Most models predict that both precipitation and temperature will increase over Antarctica with a warming of the planet.

David Bromwich, professor of professor of atmospheric sciences in the Department of Geography, and researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University, reported on this work at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at San Francisco.

"It's hard to see a global warming signal from the mainland of Antarctica right now," he said. "Part of the reason is that there is a lot of variability there. It's very hard in these polar latitudes to demonstrate a global warming signal. This is in marked contrast to the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula that is one of the most rapidly warming parts of the Earth."

Bromwich says that the problem rises from several complications. The continent is vast, as large as the United States and Mexico combined. Only a small amount of detailed data is available. There are perhaps only 100 weather stations on that continent compared to the thousands spread across the U.S. and Europe. And the records that we have only date back a half-century.

"The best we can say right now is that the climate models are somewhat inconsistent with the evidence that we have for the last 50 years from continental Antarctica .

"We're looking for a small signal that represents the impact of human activity and it is hard to find it at the moment," he said.

It's not that Mark Johnson, Dick Goddard, Mark Nolan, Jon Laufman or former Cleveland weatherman Don Webster disbelieve the data entirely.

But they're skeptical, and they don't believe that it's necessarily our fault or that we should panic over it.

"We have maybe 100 years of data on a rock that's 6 billion years old," said Johnson, a WEWS Channel 5 weatherman. "Mother Nature tends to even herself out, and the fact is, the Earth is cyclical."

Goddard, WJW Channel 8 meteorologist, said scientists have flip-flopped on the matter: "I have a file an inch thick from 30 years ago that says the planet was cooling," he told the crowd of several hundred.

They cautioned listeners not to put too much stock in what they said was an insufficient history of warming.

"The term global warming' strikes fear in the heart of people every time you say it, but it's simply a rise in temperature over time, and it's happened before," said Nolan, meteorologist at WKYC Channel 3. "I'm not sure which is more arrogant for humans: to say we caused it or to say we're going to fix it."

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chock full of global warming nuts

Who's nuttier? "Laurie David" Suzuki, 71, for berating a gymnasium full of grade 6 students in Calgary or former Liberal defence minister Paul Hellyer, 83, for suggesting he believes advanced technology from extraterrestrial civilizations offers the best hope to "save our planet" from the perils of climate change.

Suzuki's organization should be audited immediately as a political party, it's not a charitable group. The Martin Liberals had the CRA investigate the Catholic Bishop Conference when they criticized Liberal policy and hypocrisy, why not tax the mouthy millionaire hypocrite Suzuki?

"The only thing (Harper) cares about is getting re-elected with a majority government," ranted Suzuki to the 11 year olds in the captive school gym audience. (And this was a group of well meaning kids who were donating $835 to his own cause!) "It's up to your moms and dads to ensure your futures and livelihoods are part of the agenda. I don't believe there is a green bone in Harper's body," continued an angry Suzuki. "(Harper) has never, ever indicated he cares about the environment."

David Suzuki has an enormous home with huge windows overlooking windy Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. He has at least one other home as well. To say he's over housed is an understatement. He drives coast to coast to coast in vehicles that make SUVs look like a Prius. He's a "carbon copy" of Laurie David, Al Gore and other unctuous 'celebrity expert enviro-hypocrites' who just won't shut up and who never walk the walk.

Winnipeg Sun columnist Tom Brodbeck broke the story last week, pointing out Suzuki is travelling across Canada lecturing us peons on how to emit less greenhouse gases, even as he rides in spacious luxury in a diesel-spewing rock star tour bus that is large enough to ordinarily seat up to 54 people, but is only transporting eight at any one time including the chauffeur. And now he's coming back to Ottawa again for another Love-In with the "editorial board" of the Ottawa Citizen, which is now more akin to a shoddy NDP high school newspaper, having long ago abandoned any pretense of journalistic objectivity in favour out outright cheerleading for Suzuki and his unqualified hypocrites of his ilk like Gore, Stern, David et al.

Yes the UF-ologist Hellyer can be seen at UFO conventions for "World Peace" but if he does ask E.T. about how he gets that litle bicycle to fly and gets an answer, I'll bet the little two wheeler is a lot cleaner than Suzuki's 54 seat rock star bus, either of his mansions, his V8 gasoline powered limousines or his big dirty frequent-flyer jet airplanes.

In this battle of the Timothy Leary nut bars I can at least picture Paul Hellyer trying to ride a unicycle at Pali Gap with lei around his neck. Suzuki? He'll be sitting up front on the jet, typing away on his laptop and dreaming of the next gig on his rock star tour...later flying home Business Class to stretch out and enjoy the beach view at his Gore-like palace, or warming his hands by the fire at Rideau Hall with Gourd Downer of the Practically Hip... "When does it snow in Ottawa?" indeed!

He's better than you, you know. Laurie David, Suzuki, Nick Stern, they're all better than you. Jet-setting millionaire (multi) mansion-dwelling finger wagging hypocrites. They're ALL better than you. Or so they keep saying. Just look what they can get away with!

A spokesperson with the CRA (Revenue Canada) said yesterday, if someone complains about Suzuki's partisan rants by calling 1-800-267-2384, it will be investigated and "taken seriously". I'm calling, are you?

King of the hypocrites

Al Gore's massive 10,000 square foot Tennessee mansion uses more than 20 times the national average in energy.

Utility records show his average monthly electricity bill was over $1,200 US.

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh ­more than 20 times the national average.

Last August alone, Gore burned through 22,619 kWh­guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. As a result of his energy consumption, Gore’s average monthly electric bill topped $1,359.

Since the release of his movie An Inconvenient Truth, Gore’s energy consumption has increased from an average of 16,200 kWh per month in 2005, to 18,400 kWh per month in 2006.

Gore’s extravagant energy use does not stop at his electric bill. Natural gas bills for his mansion and guest house averaged $1,080 per month last year.

Gore paid nearly $30,000 in combined electricity and natural gas bills for his Nashville estate in 2006.

Now, don't you finally agree he is better than you? I nominate him for the Laurie David Suzuki award in Outstanding Hypocrisy.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

Popping a Rivet

So Methuselah Gainey finally pulled the pin, and ever conservative, it was, on the surface, nothing to write home about. Could the move possibly bode well for the Habitants a year or two from now though? Or even in the immediate future?

By jettisoning the longest-serving Canadien, assistant captain Craig Rivet of North Bay (Saku Koivu's roommate), Bob is not only retooling the team for the future by ditching an overpaid underachieving temperamental player who had become selfish, taking dumb penalties, fighting with the coach and resisting discipline but Bob and the brain trust have also acquired a very decent young kid. Captain of Kelowna's juniors, an ex Team Canada Silver Medal winning defenceman who is already playing 17-18 minutes a game for the Sharks. With him comes a first round draft pick, showing GM Wilson's desperation perhaps?

I had grown increasingly disappointed if not outright exasperated with Rivet's temper tantrums on the ice, several of which hurt the team. Losing it after what he thought was a questionable penalty call, he drew another (unsportsmanlike or misconduct), putting the team down by two men, usually leading to an 'automatic goal' by the opposition. When told he was sitting out a game recently by Guy Carbonneau, he lost it again, stormed out of the arena, well...just another example of his level of frustration and lack of control. When passion becomes irration(al), it's time for action. It was not a Brashear-Tremblay showdown or Roy-Corey but it was enough.

Rivet had become a very average or below average 32 year old, unable to adapt to the new faster NHL. Now the next guy on the bubble as an overpriced under-achieving player is Matthieu Dandenault, who seems to be treading water and is over his head far too often, eclipsed by even the small Mark Streit as an effective utility player. Where is J-F Cote`, scheduled in October as the sixth defenceman? Injuries to him and Frankie Bouillon didn't hurt the team out of the blocks but it's been telling since Christmas as the vets sagged.

It will take more than the Rivet move to magically transform the Habs into a playoff contender though. With Huet gone (and he was 'gone' as an effective backstopper well before he tore his hamstring), Aebischer back to being a question mark as an effective number two and the 21 year old rookie Halak looking promising but yet to 'walk on the water' in a Dryden or St. Patrick game-robbing team-carrying fashion, things are looking bleak.

If Steve Begin returns in time, if Kovalev suddenly heals and shows some heart...well there are too many 'ifs.' (Both may play against the Leafs tonight, Kovie describing himself as "70%".)

Overpriced, underachieving, emotionally fragile, this year's version of the Canadiens looks headed for the links. True, if they make they playoffs they could surprise someone in the first round with hot goaltending but that's about as far as they could go. No Claude Lemieux dudu-disturber, no Stephane Richer sniper as in '86 and '93, no game-stealing wunderkind goalie (yet)...the Leafs game will either show their mettle or the way to the showers. Who wants it more? That eighth spot should be enough motivation for their best players. The grinders are doing their best. Too often it's the two top lines who have snoozed while the team lost. Contrast their play with that of the Buffalo Sabres: eight regulars out of the lineup and still giving a fine team like Ottawa a rough weekend (they split the games with Buffalo scoring ten goals in spite of their thinned ranks).

If this fade continues down the stretch it will be time to jettison the perpetually disappointing Koivu. He's again suffered long periods of moody ineffectual play, 2 goals in 24 games type of stretches, he's no leader. Watch him next game against Sundin, let's measure him that way.

Your move, Saku. Playoffs or playing through?

(Late note: RDS is claiming Gainey may be stocking up on first round picks with this Rivet trade, as he can now trade a 1st-rounder, keep one and acquire a a second line scorer rental player without really losing anything. The clever old goat may have done himself a goodun here. Who'll he go after?)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hillary v$ Obama

The latest leading Dems' scat-flinging has produced the news that each plans to attempt to raise $100 million - just to campaign in California!

Bill Clinton raised $3 million when he had his first primary run in that state.

Imagine how much good money like that could do like that for the poor, the homeless, inner cities, health care relief, medical research, global warming...

If an obscene amount like that does not shake everyone out of their torpor then nothing will.

Campaign reform America, yesterday.

As I've written before, if they (the United States) have not learned from the failed presidency of Dubya that fundraising alone is not enough...the States cannot afford another president with steroidal fundraising who just bought the office.

At this critical time it has to be about ideas, a plan, an ideology. They need another Reagan, a Thatcher. Not another Dubya and certainly not a vacuous ambitious liberal like Clinton II or young Obama. Let's hear from people with grand ideas rather than uber-financed airheads.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Suzuki hypocrisy lambasted

FINALLY a few media types have begun saying what this scribe has been bellowing for years: David Suzuki is a ridiculous hypocrite on the environment.

The celebrity expert on global warming (who like most celebrity Chicken Littles is not a climatologist) has come under severe criticism for his Dirty Diesel Bus Tour.

It's instructive that no one even thought to ask whether the coast to coast to coast bus tripping was an effective tool to conduct his propaganda tour let alone whether the massive bus, its tons of equipment and supplies, ten employees (including Suzuki and the driver) was running on bio-diesel or the regular disgusting dirty stuff.

Today we finally have the admission that yes, it is a regular dirty diesel bus, identical to the type used by rock stars and other self-aggrandizing celebrities. They could have used bio-diesel or regular fuel blended with "soybeans or canola" one source said but a Suzuki spokesman said "that would have voided the engine's warranty."

The spokesperson claimed the Suzuki organization would later "purchase high-quality carbon offsets that support renewable energy and energy efficiency projects."

A Winnipeg Sun writer (I could not find their column online and the Glib and Mail typically does not mention the competition by name) said Suzuki "may want to look in his own back yard before lecturing Canadians on how they're destroying the earth" because his bus releases lots of carbon dioxide.

Not to worry. Since he is much better than you, as usual the rules don't apply, he'll just con you into giving him money so he can do the tour in his dirty diesel bus, polluting the atmosphere and releasing GHGs and then buy some 'credits' with your donations later. Ah, life as an untouchable enviro-saviour!

The tour cost over $300,000. No word whether that includes the "forgiveness" Suzuki will be buying with donated monies after the 'wrap.' The Globe quotes a Suzuki spokesman as saying they will be buying $80,000 dollars worth of forgiveness by the way.

Let's see the receipt, your holiness.

Goldenberg Confesses Cretin's Kyoto Con

Jean Chretien's grey eminence Eddie Goldenberg admitted shamelessly to the media today that he and the Ti-Gars never had any intention of meeting the Kyoto targets when they negotiated and signed the treaty on behalf of Canadians.

Goldenberg was unrepentant yesterday in London ON, admitting that the Chretien Liberal government was not ready to take the difficult measures necessary to comply with Kyoto.

"I am not sure that Canadian public opinion - which was overwhelmingly in favour of ratifying Kyoto in the abstract - was then immediately ready for some of the concrete implementation measures that governments would have to take to address the issue of climate change. Nor was the government itself even ready at the time to do what had to be done. The Kyoto targets were extremely ambitious and it was very possible that short-term deadlines would at the end of the have to be extended."

The Liberals signed the treaty in 1997 and committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 6% below 1990 levels in 2008-2012. They did nothing and now emissions are 30% above that target. In an ironically timed coincidence, current Liberal leader Stephane Dion also came under fire today for his latest $14,000 Ottawa-to-Montreal limousine bill. No word on whether he would buy any "carbon offsets" as the David Suzuki Dirty Diesel Bus Tour has promised. (Hint: the Liberal Party is broke.)

Eddie Goldenberg is now an Ottawa lobbyist for TransCanada Pipelines, which supports a MacKenzie Valley pipeline to transport oil from Alaska to Alberta.

Jean Chretien is now a lobbyist for the Peoples Republic of China.

Canada? Well we're behind the multi-billion dollar boondoggle eight ball of yet another Liberal swindle.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hillary vs. Obama

The delightful romp between the two leading Ego-crats recalls the Bill Buckley quote about the hostilities between the Khmer Rouge and Communist Viet Nam circa 1979 or 1980. "Both sides should be supplied with the most up to date and effective weapons possible."

Ooh, and look I'm not the only one who sees it that way!

"Aha!" my tucchus! (UK troop levels)

The sudden media attention to Tony Blair's draw-down of Brit troops in (southern) Iraq is really quite pathetic.

The UK has been reducing its fighting force in that country for some time. At its peak they were over 30,000 strong and now are down to 7,100. This is a matter of public record.

Few in the media (or the Democratic party) apparently noticed this until this week's announcement that the Blair government was reducing their troop level from 7,100 to 5,500 this spring and then to 5,000 by the end of the the summer of '07. The British are stationed in the Basra area, a primarily Shiite and relatively trouble-free area of the country (compared to the 'Sunni triangle' and Baghdad). It's not Kurdistan but it's certainly more 'pacified' and less violent than Baghdad and 'the triangle.'

"What would be absolutely disastrous - and we are not doing in any shape or form - is to say that future draw-downs are unconditional. It is all conditions-based, based on the progress and the capability of the Iraqi forces." Blair declared that "the next chapter in Basra's history will be written by the Iraqis."

The latter quote has either been under-reported or omitted entirely from both news and partisan Democratic sniping. Blair would not comment on reports that all British troops would be removed by 2008 in an apparent rebuke to the media speculation on that date for a full UK withdrawal. Blair himself will be leaving office in the summer of 2007 and his successor may make the final decision.

Are we to believe that this long standing plan snuck up on the media and the liberal left? Puh-lease!

Inconvenient Pop Quiz

Pop quiz given to 200 viewers of the Al Gore movie by Prof. Robert Pielke Jr., director of the Center for Science and Technology Research at the University of Colorado

1. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report earlier this month. It projects a likely global average temperature increase for 2100 of (degrees C):
a:) 1.1 to 6.4
b.) 1.5 to 4.5
c.) 5.0 to 11.5
d.) 7.0 to 9.0

2. The IPCC report projects a (mid-range) global average sea level rise for 2100 of
a.) 16 inches
b.) 48 inches
c.) 10 feet
d.) 70 feet

3. If the Kyoto Protocol were to be fully implemented, including U.S. participation, the effects on global average temperatures in 2080 would be:
a.) undetectable
b.) a reduction of 0.5 degrees in the projected increase
c.) a reduction of 1.0 degrees in the projected increase
d.) a reduction of 2.0 degrees in the projected increase

4. If global greenhouse-gas emissions magically stopped right now, global average temperatures would:
a.) stop increasing immediately
b.) continue increasing for many decades

5. In order to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide at current levels, we would have to reduce net global emissions from today’s levels
a.) to 1990 levels
b.) by 20 per cent
c.) by 50 per cent
d.) by 100 per cent

1. A
2. A
3. A
4. B
5. D

“Very few came close to the correct answers on 1, 2, 3 or 5. In fact, on 1, 2 and 3 the overwhelming answers were ‘C’ and ‘D’ and on 5 it was ‘A’ and ‘B’." - Professor Pielke.

One more question for Canadians from Prof. Pielke ( who “is not a climate skeptic but who does think people tend to believe the UN consensus projections are more catastrophic than they really are, and that cutting CO2 is the big answer.” - Margaret Wente, Globe & Mail)

If Canada stopped producing greenhouse gases tomorrow, how long would it take for the growth in China’s emissions to replace our entire annual output?
a.) 18 years
b.) 8 years
c.) 3 years
d.) 18 months

the answer is ‘D’

“The real climate-change deniers are those who believe that if only we had the will, we could cut GHGs deep and fast enough to fix the problem.” M. Wente, Globe & Mail

Globe on "the Goracle"

The Globe & Mail and writer Anthony Reinhart in particular redeem themselves somewhat in their reporting of Al Gore's 'sermon on the mountie' (Feb. 22 issue).

Instead of the 'cult of hysteria' and outright propaganda we've witnessed the last 6-12 months, Reinhart actually included some closing notes on who and what the cult-ish ideological-religious fervour drew to Gore's appearance at the University of Toronto.

" looked more like a sideshow outside, as hopefuls looked for tickets, scalpers told reporters they were not scalpers, and bona fide ticket holders ran a gauntlet of activists handing out leaflets.

There were vegans seeking new recruits, people calling for the closing of Ontario's coal-fired power plants, a Greenpeace mascot dressed as a polar bear - even the UFO believers showed up.

"I know you won't believe this," one of them said with a practised tongue, "but the extraterrestrial technology involved in's free energy man. Absolutely free energy, and it'll be the end of fossil fuels."

Across the driveway in front of the hall, a large banner exhorted the crowd to "Heed the Goracle."

"From my perspective, it is a form of religion," said Bruce Crofts, 69.

I cannot help but picture every scruffy English-y 'the end of the world is nigh' placard-waving Raging Granny and unicycle riding wild eyed bearded cultist...and I dare say again, why has the media given Gore a free pass? Why do they acquiesce on their "polite barring" as the Globe called it? The Globe did not report whether Gore flew in on a spaceship, a broom or a large fossil fuel burning jet aircraft, let alone whether he arrived in a Prius or a Lincoln limousine. Use your imagination. He's using his.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gore's Globe Groupies: whitewash

Today's Globe & Mail ends its gushing Al Gore feature:

"Mr. Gore has his critics. They wonder why he didn't talk much about global warming during the 2000 election, why was he able to accomplish so little on climate change when he was in office.

He prefers to deliver his message directly to the people, undiluted by the news media. He asked that reporters not attend the U of T event, and at one earlier in the day in Montreal. He declined an interview with the Globe and Mail."

Could it be that his royal enviro-highness cannot stand the heat? Or is it just that he doesn't believe in a free press, in its and his responsibilities? Again, an enviro-ayatollah who is not just better than you but is even better than his groupies in the media. It's an 'inconvenient truth', there's no use even having a discussion, shut up and listen to me. The other side has no right to dissent and the press, even a lapdog press, does not even have the right to be in attendance! Did Gore remove his footwear, sit cross-legged on a rug with a turban on and giggle excessively??? Did he rail or Rael?

Today's 'article' was written by supposed science 'reporter' Anne McIlroy, who, like too many journalists these days, ended up sounding more like Ben Mulroney than Ben Bradlee. Can you imagine if John Baird or Stephen Harper refused not only to do interviews but barred the media from their lectures?

Global warming? Oh pooh. Smells like someone's baking brownies.

"Cornered by the green lynch mob"

Jeremy Clarkson's hilarious blog about UK enviro-nuts

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now: extrapolate

I think most of us in the area are not economists. We can't speak with anything like the credibility that Sir Nicholas has." ("Diesel" Suzuki, at Nicky Stern's Toronto press conference Feb. 19, 2007)

If this is so, Dirty Diesel Doctor Dave, the Polluting high Priest of Prevost, why not apply this to your (and his) mewling Marxist ministry on "global warming?"

If you are not fit to comment (let alone build a massive following in one short year out of hot air on alleged hot air the way Stern has) why on earth are you qualified to scream "the sky is falling" when you are not a climatologist??? How can you shout down scientists who disagree with you??? You don't know anything about the science, you just have an "opinion" that somehow trumps everyone else's - if they disagree with you.

And further, why are Al Gore and Nick Stern criss-crossing the globe like a Laurie David on amphetamines in their big jet planes?

Because they're better than you and the rules don't apply to them. The rules don't apply to them when it comes to being a frequent flyer and the rules don't apply when it comes to academic or scientific knowledge. They're not just better than you they're environmentalist royalty and if you don't agree with them you're in favour of the death of the planet.

Stern's qualifications for his meteoric rise to global warming guru? He is "an academic economist who has written books on Kenya." A year ago Stern was an unknown. Let it be so a year from now. Let him be methane in the wind, teaching agrarian reform to Kenyan M.A. students at the leftist London School of Economics. Let the sycophantic and hysterical media find another celebrity to anoint as our enviro-saviour.

The farce spins ever wildly out of control. Joe Public, wake up and smell the coffee. Please.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Davis Strait polar bears flourishing, GN says

“Scientific knowledge has demonstrated that Inuit knowledge was right”


The Davis Strait polar bear population is much more numerous than originally expected, says a preliminary report conducted by Government of Nunavut biologists.

There are some 2,100 polar bears in the Davis Strait population, says the report, which is part of a three-year study currently underway. That’s a big jump from an estimate of about 850 Davis Strait polar bears made by the Canadian Wildlife Service during the early 1980s.

Mitch Taylor, the GN’s polar bear boss, says the latest findings confirm what Inuit hunters have said for a long time: polar bears who live along the southeast coast of Baffin Island, Ungava Bay in northern Quebec, and the northern coast of Labrador are healthy, and growing in numbers.

Inuit hunters revised the Davis Strait population estimates one decade ago to 1,400, then up to 1,650 in 2004, based on the number of bears they encountered on the land.

“The Inuit were right. There aren’t just a few more bears. There are a hell of a lot more bears,” Taylor said during an interview on Tuesday this week.

“Scientific knowledge has demonstrated that Inuit knowledge was right.”

That hasn’t always been the case. In western Hudson Bay, which covers the southern Kivalliq and northern Manitoba, Inuit, backed by the GN, claim the bear population has risen from about 1,200 animals to 1,400.

But scientists such as Ian Stirling of the Canadian Wildlife Service claim that between 1987 and 2004, the western Hudson Bay population dropped from about 1,200 animals to 935, a 22 per cent decline.

That’s led some, including Stirling, to argue that growing numbers of polar bear sightings doesn’t necessarily mean there are more bears – in some cases, polar bears may be hungry, and venturing closer to communities in search of food.

That could be due to shrinking sea ice levels, which force polar bears to spend more time on dry land, without easy access to food, making them weaker and less healthy. Stirling and his collaborators say fewer cubs and young bears now survive the lean times of a lengthening summer.

But Taylor says experienced Inuit hunters should be given more credit for their observations, and dismisses the theory that polar bears may simply be more visible, rather than more abundant, as a view that sees these hunters as “so simple, and so childish, they could be fooled.”

“I find it difficult to even respond, and be calm about it.”

And in the case of Davis Strait, the polar bears are increasingly seen on the land and sea ice, not necessarily near communities.

Meanwhile, most polar bear scientists also believe Nunavut’s Baffin Bay and Kane Basin bear populations may be in decline.

Stirling’s estimates of polar bear declines in western Hudson Bay have been seized on by environmental groups, eager to use the polar bear as a poster child for climate change, to argue the animal is on the brink of extinction.

But Taylor says he hopes the Davis Strait study will draw attention to how not all polar bear populations fit this generalization.

Ironically, the growth in Davis Strait polar bear numbers may be due to animal-rights activists.

Efforts to ban seal hunting during the late 1970s and early 1980s hurt Inuit by destroying the market for seal skins. But this likely helped Davis Strait polar bears, because with less human competition, more harp seals were available for bears to eat.

This growing food supply could have helped the Davis Strait polar bears multiply, Taylor says.

The anti-seal hunt campaign also chased Norwegian vessels from Canadian waters. At one time, Norwegian sealers had their own polar bear quota, which they used when hunting harp seals.

Taylor also suspects the old Davis Strait study done by the Canadian Wildlife Service underestimated the number of polar bears in the area. He explains the study took place during the spring, when polar bears spend their time out on pack ice.

This makes the bears difficult to spot by surveyors inside a helicopter, as the bears spend much time in the water.

It’s also difficult to safely land a helicopter on pack ice, and a crew that tries to tranquilize a swimming bear risks letting the animal drown.

These are all reasons why the current GN study underway is being conducted during the summer, when the bears are on dry land.

For the last two summers the study has been underway, GN biologists, with help from their Nunavik and Labrador counterparts, have spotted record numbers of bears in the Davis Strait range.

Taylor says during a good survey, field biologists will manage to spot and capture between 160 and 180 bears. In the summer of 2005, when the current study began, researchers found 635 bears. The next summer, they found 842.

The Nunavut communities of Pangnirtung, Iqaluit and Kimmirut hunt the Davis Strait population. These communities share 46 tags annually.

Labrador hunters take about six Davis Strait bears a year. Nunavik hunters can take as many Davis Strait bears as they want.

Birth and death rates of the Davis Strait polar bears won’t be known until the final report is prepared, in 2009.

With temperatures increasing over the last 20 years in the Arctic, shrinking the amount of sea ice, Taylor says it only makes sense to increase monitoring of polar bear populations.

But he says the Davis Strait population also demonstrates the importance of listening to what Inuit hunters say.

“Maybe that’s the beacon for the future.