Friday, September 30, 2011

Toon time

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Much ado...

Can anyone tell me what the ___ happened with regards to the latest politically correct kerfuffle in sport?

Some idiot threw a banana on the ice when a player (who happened to be black) was about to take a tiebreaker in the shootout between Philthydelphia and Detroit. And it occurred in London, ON.

Where was the thrower? How high up? Could he tell the player was black? Did he care? Why didn't he throw the fruit earlier in the game, on said black player's first or second shift? How did he know it was going to a shootout? Can liberals read his mind? What if he had thrown a pear or an apple? Or a squid, Detroit's projectile of choice?

In any case the guy has been arrested, which is good because it's dangerous and stupid to throw anything on the ice at a hockey game. But to further inflame the silly season McMurtry-esque hand wringing said black player used the "fag" epithet in a very heated exchange with the Rangers' idiot Sean Avery.

Will Simmonds now be arrested? Will be be sent to reeducation camp the way Avery was when he loosed his famous "sloppy seconds" brain fart?

Shi* happens. You can't say you knew what was in the fruit thrower's mind, just fine him for throwing something on the ice. The thought police have no place in sport.

Or anywhere else.

Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Conspiracy lunatic joke (sick f*cks)

Two truthers are tragically killed in an auto accident. They go to heaven and are brought before God. One of the truthers asks: "God, I really need to know, who was behind 9/11?"


One truther leans over and whispers to the other: "Wow, this is bigger than we thought!"