Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gosh Gorgeous and his groupies

The guy is a journeyman for freaking sakes!

Enough of the purple prose and love poems to this average 'nice guy' defenseman. The San Jose` Sharks did not get robbed when the Canadiens shipped (the better) Craig Rivet off to the west coast for this smallish (now) NHLPA rep favourite of the media (he likes to talk).

Stop waxing poetic about his average talent, this #4 defenseman is yes, a valuable guy, a good team player, decent in the room (in that he doesn't cause any trouble and does what is asked of him).

But for crissakes stop acting like he is the Second Coming. He ain't Larry Robinson or Guy Lapointe or Serge Savard. He ain't even Peter Svoboda never mind Chelios, Ludwig or Desjardins.

I don't blame Gorges for the silliness, he does his job the best he can, always shows up.

But his limited talent and small size are not the stuff of an all star and let's please try and remember the greats who have patrolled the Canadiens blue line. Gorges is not in that category. Sniff the smelling salts.

If there is a potential star back there, we know who he is. And his name ain't Josh Gorges. Somebody must be drunk or demented. But that's what's enabled the Canadiens to keep selling out the last 30 years with too little on ice talent and too little on ice effort.

There has yet to be a response to the Chara assault on Pacioretty. And Julien's goon hockey. Playing nice like Gorges doesn't cut it for me.

Even a Ted Harris, Gilles Lupien or Dave Manson would be nice right now.

A heatlhy MaxPac and Eric Cole will help but like Liam McGuire said we need a cross between Fergy and Bob Probert. Someone to beat the hell out of Luchicken and Chara. Well okay I said the latter.

Tragic that Gandhi Gauthier and Cuddles Martin can't understand. Pathetic that some self-professed 'experts' put so much time into singing the praises of such average players as Gorges.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There's garbage and then there's trash

To the mooks who foul the net with their teenage tantrums at the Gazette's Montreal Canadiens fan website, enough.

Your pearls are more pustule popping that pontificating.

Juvenile jerks jamming juice-less jibes.

No one is reading, no one cares. And hey ladies, it's not a cult if there are only three members.
Hickey, Stubbs and Basu (CTV) I'll read. They're intelligent professionals.

Marinaro and Milt Melchnick I'll listen to. They're opinionated, controversial.

But that childish playpen at Never again.

They put the poop in nincom.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The problem with the Canadiens

It's an easy one to spot. The problem is they have this glorious history and mediocre quarter century since anything approaching a dynasty.

Hell, the last superstars were Patrick Roy and Stephane Richer with a slight nod to the couple of very good (and nasty) years Vinny Damphousse had with le Canadien in the early '90's.

Since then?

(Clearing throat)...the only fun we've really had since 1993 was 2010's Halak Miracle and he was jettisoned for the still unproven Luongo-Price. Not a classy (or Schmart) move. Disgusting.

But the signing of Eric Cole and the possibility of one or two roast beefsters on the D and or 3rd or 4th line (Konopka, he of 300+ penalty minutes?) along with the blossoming of PK, MaxPac, Eller well...funny how things can change.

Yes it's a crime Pouliot was given the "Breezer" hyena treatment by some mouth breathers (not good enough for Habs service he signs with the Stanley Cup champions) and bringing back yes another 5'8" 180 nobody from the K...well... YAWN.

But the thought of Max and Cole causing havoc up front and in the crease itself...well...even I have to say I am the most optimistic I've been in...two years. Ha.

Come on October.

Now who's going to break Chara's nose for me???