Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Uncle Tony Show

More draft weekend news: Regehr trade

Draft 2011

So yes the Canadiens made a good pick, took Beaulieu 17th when he was projected top ten. He's big (6'3") has wheels and offence and should be a great match with PK (though not necessarily on the same pairing) for many years to come. When he makes the bigs.

Still, talk of giving up on yet another promising offensive big French Canadian kid troubles me. Pouliot beat Redden, wailed on Krejci (knocking him out), is a fine skater and has one of the best releases and quickest wrist shots on the team. (If only he would shoot more.) Yes he folds under pressure but who is putting pressure on him, why and how much? The benchings are chippy and show poor judgement. Again.

You can teach defensive play (Carbonneau) but you can't teach offence. It's a gift from God. Pouliot has got it.

Looks like Goat is going to piss another one away though.

And speaking of bad decisions or no decisions, who's going to break Chara's nose? Really bloody it? Ruin his sweater? Whip his ass in front of the hockey world for what he did to Pacioretty? We need one guy 6'4 or 6'5" and 240# who can kick his ass. Regularly. Punk him out. Humiliate him. Scare him. Turn the bully into the cowardly little girl he really is.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Will a man step up?

Who is going to break Chara's nose? Really bloody it? Punk him out? Humiliate him? Kick his ass?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chara's not happy this got out!

Too f*ing bad!

Or..."Don't do the crime if you can't do the time!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pity the poor wronged Bruins

Game seven. At long miserable merciful last.

60 minutes then no more crying caterwauling and conspiracy theories from the Broons and their loutish violent players and fans.

Nathan Horton miraculously recovers from his "severe concussion" and is cleared by Dr. Recchi for the flight to Vancouver to inspire his teammates. (Rightly) no suspension for the back breaking hit on Raymond but wrong on the non-call on ice, it was 2 for blatant interference.

And a nice performance again by the inmates of the Toronto Dominion Gah-dens as the injured player lay on the ice and then was carted off like a jellyfish in agony . "Ah ya fag! Dive-ah!" Pure class all the way.

This team and its fans have a bizarre cult-ish persecution complex/dementia.

A standing ovation for Zdeno Chara after he broke Max Pacioretty's neck and gave him a severe concussion. Somehow - somehow - Chara was the aggrieved party!

They seem incapable of comprehending that their ugly antics have created a stain which won't come out in the wash. People judge you by your actions on and off the ice. Behave like animals, scream for blood (literally), assault opposing fans in and around the arena, give standing ovations to players who deliberately or otherwise injure opponents then invoke a curious 'oh woe is me' double standard when your soldiers fall...well, enough.

I'm sick to death of both the league's approach and the Broons players, management and fans strange 'caveman meets Oliver Stone' act.

If the Bruins win it will be the worst thing to happen to hockey since the Philthydelphias won it in 1974. The Defilers had a good two year run, abetted by the likes of John "See No Evil" Ashley & Co. but Scotty Bowman and a talented physical Canadiens team had something to say in 1976 - beginning in the pre-season - and from there on in hockey ruled.

(Re) Birth of a dynasty and hockey was saved. The Islanders and Oilers dynasties continued the mix of talent - and enough muscle to protect the Lafleurs, Bossys and Gretzkys.

Oh that the Canucks were capable of stopping the Luchickens and FrankenCharas.

It's all down to the incredibly enigmatic Luongo, the Jekyll and Hyde of Hockey. Which one shows tonight? Don't tell me the Gooins model will triumph and become a template for the next several years. Please.

Go Canucks Go.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So close now

Mercifully we're a game (or two) away from the end of the NHL season.

A season which for me ended when my team, the Montreal Canadiens impersonators, were eliminated in the seventh game in OT in Boston.

A season in which deliberate and careless and even some accidental Traumatic Brain Injuries finally no longer became a joke ("Oooo he's hearing the cuckoo clock now people!") but were taken seriously by most fans and media.

The only reason the NHL brass (unfortunately their balls are not brass) has attempted to deal with the issue is due to heat from fans media sponsors and even government. Scott Stevens in the Hall of Fame anyone?

Zdeno Chara nearly decapitates Mac Pacioretty and the league and NHLPA's response? "Hockey play."

The incredibly execrable refereeing last night shocked some apparently. Glad to know I wasn't alone.

But is it really a surprise in a league where the commish is the calibre of Gary ($7.2 million a year) Bettman?

Come on.

We are in charge people. We own the game.

Keep the heat on.

And go Canucks.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maude Flanders is alive & well and living in Morgan's Grant

"What of the children!?!?"

The hysterical reaction to a coyote in Morgan's Grant has stirred tabloid pens and brought hand-wringing mummies to the rescue. Once animal lovers, they now fairly shriek "I taw it! I did taw a Coyote!"

Erroneous descriptions are nothing new on Law & Order Kanata, this one seems distorted by estrogen (and maybe even some Margueritas) leading to Maude's Paul Martin-like grimace and: "It's a big boy, that's for sure! Had to be 60, 70 pounds!"

Listen lady, coyotes are small wild dogs, slightly larger than most foxes (also seen in these suburban parts). They're skinny little things and eat mice, garbage, maybe a squirrel on a good day.

Our coyote is a female. She is now a mother. She has at least 3 pups. I have seen her twice, once I was inadvertently within 12-15 feet of her and all she wants to do is raise her little family in peace. There are no wolves here to kill her pups. Nor hillbillies with guns. The suburbs are safe. Still lots of field mice and I guess garbage and maybe even green box morsels.

This skinny little mama is just trying to get by, calm down. When the pups are bigger they'll all move on. For now just say "Howdy Neighborino!' like your hubby Neddy would.