Saturday, June 11, 2011

So close now

Mercifully we're a game (or two) away from the end of the NHL season.

A season which for me ended when my team, the Montreal Canadiens impersonators, were eliminated in the seventh game in OT in Boston.

A season in which deliberate and careless and even some accidental Traumatic Brain Injuries finally no longer became a joke ("Oooo he's hearing the cuckoo clock now people!") but were taken seriously by most fans and media.

The only reason the NHL brass (unfortunately their balls are not brass) has attempted to deal with the issue is due to heat from fans media sponsors and even government. Scott Stevens in the Hall of Fame anyone?

Zdeno Chara nearly decapitates Mac Pacioretty and the league and NHLPA's response? "Hockey play."

The incredibly execrable refereeing last night shocked some apparently. Glad to know I wasn't alone.

But is it really a surprise in a league where the commish is the calibre of Gary ($7.2 million a year) Bettman?

Come on.

We are in charge people. We own the game.

Keep the heat on.

And go Canucks.

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