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Only in Canada Eh?

Sugar and Spice Campaign Slogan

Nancy Pelosi

Outing E.G. Marshall

I always get a giggle out of stars' birth names.

Rediscovery III Earl Hooker

Rediscovery II Otis Spann

With Peter Green


William Carlos Williams

Bob McKenzie Loses It

My respect that is.

His Gay Rights Advocacy is troubling. He and other misguided "sensitive meatheads" have been cheering on the Burke/NHL/NHLPA led homosexual proselytizing of the strange and so-called "You Can Play" campaign with brown-nosing encouragement.

Seems to be a tenet of TSN employment lately that you have to take the liberal line and run non-hockey related "progressive" feel good (sic) stories.

The tragic death of Brian Burke's son more than two years ago was not even tangentially related to NHL hockey. He died in a car crash. He was not bullied into a car crash. It was an accident. He was never prevented from playing hockey. He wasn't good enough to play in the NHL. His own father did not draft him. Suddenly two years later he and his homosexuality have become a cause celebre with liberals and or impressionable "followers," I cannot fathom why.

And now this silly, even bizarre campaign. "You Can Play." Who is keeping "Them" from playing? Give us one example. These supposed journalists more closely resemble a high school girl with a crush on David Suzuki or Al Gore. If you oppose/object you're a planet-killing Neanderthal.

Why do you think you have the right to preach morality or inject (homo)sexual politics into sport or sports "journalism?"

The whole thing is sad, tawdry and insulting. They have gone to the liberal mountaintop and given us their divine Orders. Stop stopping "them" from "playing." Damn, I never knew we were all such bigots.

Bob McKenzie: "You don't control content." No, I control the remote.

Andrei Markov Activated!?

Seems like just last week he was falling down in practice.